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  King and Country
Founded in 2006, KING AND COUNTRY is one of those new-fangled Production Company / motion design and visual effect studios based in Santa Monica near the beach. That means they have the know-how to execute a spot entirely in house from the board phase, to the shoot, through the animatic to VFX, animation, editorial and delivery.

They’re busy making commercials, videos and other products your eyes will appreciate — so, clearly, crunching the numbers, entering invoices and writing checks was not in the cards for these guys.

They came to us in shortly after the founding event (sounds ominous) in need of some bookkeeping work that would address the specific needs of their industry and triumvirate (regime dominated by three individuals for those of illiterate of the Latin dialect). Not only did independent contractor expenses need to be managed by job, they also needed our service to help report on individual job profitability.

Five years later, we continue to provide top notch service while the partners grow the business significantly.