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  Most entrepreneurs collectively avoid their “bookkeeper” and the term “bookkeeping” like the plague. We did too for a while, until we realized that all great businesses are established with a solid bookkeeping base.

Today, we embrace Bookkeeping as the foundation of the meaningful information actually used to help clients grow their businesses. To assist our clients in reaching their financial goals, we have established these core bookkeeping services:
• Account Reconciliation
• Bill Payment
• Client dictated interval pickup and check-run to include:
   o Invoices and operational bills
   o Cash account snapshot
   o Credit card register
• Employee benefits administration interface:
• Annual 1099 reporting
• Workers compensation audit administration and interface
• Manage and maintain all records as per IRS/FTB requirements

In addition to the services above, we offer advanced bookkeeping functions:
• Cash Management
• Income Recording or Accounts Receivable
• Expense Recording or Accounts Payable