Our solutions streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration. We manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so you can focus on the more relevant aspects of operating your business.

We can help you easily manage employee information and simplify your entire payroll process from processing to payday. Your payroll information will be maintained accurately and securely, always available from any internet enabled computer.

As a fully integrated payroll processor we will manage:
IRS filings (940, 941)
EDD filings (DE 9, DE 9c, DE 34)
SSA filings (W2, W3)
Provide direct deposit service for all employees
Introduce a web based reporting tool for all employees, accessible 24/7

In addition we can also provide the following Human Resource tools:
PTO Accruals
EE Handbook implementation and management
Establish new hire documentation requirements
Administration of unemployment and disability claims
Termination calculations, PTO, notice and budgeting administration
Interface with terminated employees